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About Golfing Scribe

A passion project by Paul Gomes

Golfing Scribe is my vehicle to explore new technologies in a production environment. At the same time I can contribute to the community of golfers.

In my day-to-day work, I focus on leveraging the productivity of technology teams while being aligned with business units. I do not have the opportunity to develop code. There is a certain joy and satisfaction to develop all aspect of deliverables. At the same time I keep my technical skills sharp. During Naval Officer training, we spend months conducting the work of every member on-board ship. The theory is that when commanding tasks, the leader must have an excellent grounding in what is the experience of completing the task. This is my way of reinforcing this concept with technology leadership.

This Website

This website is developed in Blazor with Tailwind css.

The first incantation of this website was WordPress. I have not developed in PHP and I liked the idea of the Content Management System that WordPress provides.

There are several reasons why I rewrote this website:

  • Web Assembly: I am very excited about the theoretical performance improvements that can be provided by Blazor's Web Assembly output. I am also excited that any language can be used to compile to Web Assembly output - that can really boost the productivity of Website development.
  • C#: I love C# and Visual Studio! I was working at Microsoft when C# was being created (I still get a chuckle that its codename was COOL) and the constant improvements to the language brings imense developer productivity. The idea of C# replacing Javascript is very appealing to me. Note that Blazor does not currently replace Javascript with C#. There was the need for COM interop in the early days of .NET Windows developement and, similarly, there is the need for JS Interop with Blazor Web development.
  • Razor Components:React provides nice componentization and I love that maintainability of code. I expect that blending C# with components will make my web development more productive. Since I may go weeks between working on the site, having a clean architecture is very important to me.
  • Tailwind CSS:I frequently review different CSS solutions and I have discovered Tailwind CSS. The concept of a CSS Utility as opposed to a CSS Framework is very appealing to me. I am excited to explore the maintainability by mixing Tailwind CSS with Razor Components.

The Apps

I read about the Dependency Injection that Xamarin uses to develop pure native apps in C#. I had to see for myself if I could develop apps for Android, iOS and Windows where I share more than 90% of the code base. I have been very pleased with the productivity that I have experienced developing with Xamarin.


If you have any questions feel free to contact me at:

Developer: Paul Gomes

Address: 4 Deer Park Crescent, Unit 3-A, Toronto ON, Canada.

Email: [email protected]

Phone: 1-416-999-7221

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