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When you are playing golf with players who do not have an official handicap!

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Cruncher: iOS and Android App for the Callaway Handicap

A golf scoring app using the Callaway Scoring System. Simply create a tournament, add golfers, add your scores, and the app gives you and your fellow golfers the Callaway Score.

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  • Offline use
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  • Uncluttered interface
  • Unlimited events & golfers
  • Accurate
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Callaway Handicap History

The Callaway Scoring System was invented by English golfer Lionel Frank Callaway who emigrated to the United States where he became a pro at Pinehurst. He is best known for inventing the Callaway Scoring System which gives occasional golfers a chance to compete in tournaments with very skilled golfers, by calculating a one-round handicapped score.

Lionel Frank Callaway started development of his handicap system while a pro at Bradford, Pennsylvania.

"He noticed that scores wouldn't look so bad if occasional 10s or 12s were omitted. So he crossed them out."


"That's the essence of the Callaway system."

- Gab with Gatts, 1953

Callaway Handicap described in 1953 Newspaper Clipping

A 1953 newpaper clipping describing the origins of Callaway Scoring System.

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